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Email Marketing

Effective email communication starts with an organized and well-managed database of email marketing contacts and lists. We can help you capture potential and existing customer emails with traditional media.

Signup Forms

Add a signup form to your website to convert visitors from your website into email list subscribers.

Automated Subscription Management

Your contacts can automatically subscribe or unsubscribe from their list with no interaction from you.

Add Contacts to Your Lists

We supports adding contacts one at at a time, through copy and paste, as well as easily importing from other software, such as Microsoft Excel and CSV files.

Advanced Contact Management

We provide detailed reports on every action your contact has performed over the history of their subscription.

Bounce-Back Handling

Our direct email marketing software automatically handles bounced messages and automatically removes subscribers after five bounced messages.


Our customers get tons of new subscribers added to their lists from their own subscribers using our forward-to-a-friend feature.

List Segmentation

With this powerful feature, you can target the most profitable customers on your list and send different messages based on list criteria.

Custom Fields and Mail-Merge Customization

Collect specific information about your customers and use these fields in your messages to add a personal touch to your communications.


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