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Client Success Stories from GO Digital

on January 20, 2011

2010 was a banner year for GO. We added a record breaking number of new clients, which indicates that the economy is recovering at a steady pace. We thought we would inspire you through other clients’ success stories to make an appointment with us for an annual meeting and media budget review.

Read the Bridgewater Pointe case study

Bridgewater Point Sells Out In 4 Weeks

The creative genius of a lottery brought in 721 contracts for 46 units. GO Digital produced media buys for billboards, television, radio, print, Facebook and Google. As an added bonus, the Go Agency and The Willard Companies won a Gold PRSA Award for the effort. Read More

WakeNSkate on Facebook

Wake N’ Skate Hits 10,000 Fans On Facebook

With less than a $1,000 Ad Spend on Facebook, WNS hit the 10k mark targeting competitors and similar likes and interests. GO is now deploying these tactics to help other clients increase their customer base. Find Out More

Visit Lights for Life

Lights For Life Reaches $240,000 Mark

GO was contacted by the founders of this organization to design a logo and create community awareness through traditional and web-based media. Exceeding expectations, the county and city will be able to outfit its traffic lights with safer technology. Visit the site

Visit the new Parrot Cove site

New Parrot Cove Website Producing Results

With double the web traffic from the previous year and booking sales up – GO helped develop online marketing systems to track results and target potential customers through Google & Facebook while upgrading the online and offline company website and customer mailings. Visit the new site

Visit the Apptech Solutions site

Apptech Solutions Product Launch

GO developed a logo, comprehensive technical website, product video, and social package to help this advanced startup company launch their one-of-a-kind, pioneer product that is poised to revolutionize the wastewater treatment industry. Visit the new site

Dam Lager on Facebook

DAM LAGER Builds A Booming Brand

GO produced a logo, website and social media campaign to help launch this successful lake branded beer. A Facebook campaign and a Poker Run sponsorship helped this beer acquire over 600 fans in less than two months. Dam Lager had broad distributorship and a great taste which made it one of the most sought after SML brands this past year. Read More

Visit the new FCBVA site

Franklin Community Bank Sports A New Look

A desire for increased online banking users and core deposits spurred a new creative approach for this local banking establishment. GO helped rebrand FCB with fresh new print ads, a user-friendly website, and social marketing tactics that resulted in 127,864 unique visitors in 2010. Visit the new site


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