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SOCIAL MEDIA, SEARCH ENGINES, & YOU at the Roanoke Regional Chamber

on April 21, 2009

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Whether you’re a professional or not quite sure what Twitter is– you will benefit from this seminar.

Find out why social media and search are running circles around traditional advertising mediums for small companies.

How this will impact you, your job, your businesses in the next year… or even five years from now?


Tuesday April 28th, 8:00-10:00 AM
Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce

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  • Discover what social media is and why it should be your new marketing approach to customers.
  • You’ll Learn New Time Saving Tips & Tricks for WordPress, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • How to build your customer base, communicate with them and win.
  • Dominate your keyword on Google for less than $100 a month by geo-targeting.
  • Best of all, we will give you 10 things you can do to your website right away to get top rankings in Google – without the help of a professional.

Still not convinced that your consumers are turning to alternative advertising sources such as social media and search?

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Bring Back The Love

Micah Gaudio owns the GO Agency located at Smith Mountain Lake and has developed over 250 websites since 1995. He recently propelled www.wakenskate.com to one of the top ecommerce sites for wakeboards by using social media techniques. Micah Gaudio’s Bio


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