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Roanoke Artist Subject of Comprehensive Feature in International Artist Magazine

on September 29, 2010



Roanoke, VA (September 21, 2010) – Roanoke, Virginia, artist Whitney C. Brock, one of the region’s best kept secrets, is featured in the current issue, #75, of International Artist Magazine. Her award-winning painting, “The Red Apple” graces the issue’s cover, a significant recognition by the publication as only six artists in the world get to have their work on the cover each year. Inside the issue is a 10 page tribute to the artist including her artistic biography, art-in-the-making and current body of work.

Brock said a contest submission two years ago resulted in further recognition from the bi-monthly magazine.

“International Artist discovered me after I submitted a painting into their bi-monthly contest where finalists are printed in each issue. I was one of the ten finalist two years ago. They contacted me a year ago, and asked me to create an art-in-the-making piece plus a one thousand word ditty with a bio,” said Brock.

In the October/November 2010 issue, Smith Mountain Lake resident Whitney C. Brock is featured in an article titled “Natural Evolution”. The extensive report details Brock’s artistic accomplishments, education, technique and artist perspective. In addition, several pages are devoted to outlining her inspiration, process and personal conclusions on a selection of her oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas pieces.

Brock said the biggest surprise from being featured was to see her artwork on the cover of the issue.

“Being an avid International Artist reader/subscriber, I have poured over the pages of the greatest talent in the world. To be featured amongst them was a line-item on my bucket list,“ she said. “It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. I am hoping this will open many doors for me as a new artist on the international art scene.”

The magazine feature also brings attention to the Roanoke area and mentions Brock’s home community of Smith Mountain Lake. The issue featuring Brock is available now at local Barnes & Noble bookstores.

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