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Mobile Success Continues For Sweet Frog With A 25% Return Record

on April 19, 2012

Just when it seemed like 562 redemption’s from one store could be the record for conversions, a local Roanoke Sweet Frog saw a 24.78% return on their first text blast. The offer was a simple 10% OFF on Tax Day sent to 799 subscribers that have been building over the past 30 days with our special Text2Win/Viral formula. They received 34 unsubscribes, gave $56.76 in discount and the message was sent at noon the day before. The previous record was held by Gastonia on 3/30/12 with 529 Activations sent to a list of 3,205 with a 18.35% return. We represent 21 Frozen Yogurt Franchises and are seeing similar results in each market


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