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Ad Media Planning

Micah will help you develop a comprehensive media plan and marketing budget that will cover the wide variety of advertising opportunities available in the area. You’ll have your print advertising, billboards, sales collateral, radio, television, internet marketing, charitable donations, community efforts, trade shows, direct mail, and phone book advertising all planned for a year in advance. We track and plan your advertising expenses weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually at-a-glance, keeping you on target for your budget.

After you have the plan, here are just a few advantages of having Micah manage your advertising and marketing efforts:

  • No more sales calls – We take your ad solicitations
  • One monthly bill – We handle all the paperwork
  • Don’t sweat the deadlines – Ads are prepared in advance
  • Proactive Ad Spending opposed to Reactive Ad Spending – Saves you money
  • Track your results – We implement evaluations and accountability
  • See through the clutter – We justify ad spends with numbers not guessing
  • Message-driven design that sells – What we have always done best

There are three options for billing implementation of the plan: A flat, predetermined rate, a percent divided monthly as a retainer or hourly billing.


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