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Micah J. Gaudio - Brand Management

More than 15 years experience in Marketing, Advertising, and Web Development, with the past five years focused on Mobile and Social Media. Recognized with numerous marketing awards for excellence and client results. Innovative and forward thinking; analytical and decisive; results-oriented and attentive to detail. Known for delivering projects on time and within budget.

Service Plans and Pricing Let us handle your website maintenance requests and content updates. Easy service plans make it simple for you.

Training Tools Troubleshoot common questions about setting up your email, editing your Wordpress websites & more

Social Media If you're not utilizing social media to help grow your business, you're missing out on the web's full potential.

Tech Support We're available to help you apply your website updates, correct email problems, or other web related issues.


Why Add Video to your Site?

Whether you like it or not, a new era of the internet is here.

Video is quickly becoming a standard for websites and studies show that people respond more to video than to the written word.

It seems pretty logical, doesn't it? A video sparks your visitors' interest, makes them stay longer and pay more attention to you.

How can Micah help me with video?


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